Raise the Bar Dog Training is Cincinnati’s Top In-Home Dog Training Program!

In-home dog training is the number one way to achieve lasting behavior change for all ranges of issues from reliable basic obedience commands, to severe cases of aggression, and everything in between!

In-home dog training is appropriate for all ranges of behavior issues. Our approach has been used successfully for over 26 years with dogs of all ages, breeds, and issues, including the following:

  • Aggression – dog aggression, fear aggression, leash aggression, human aggression, and more.
  • Anxiety – separation anxiety, phobias, crate anxiety, and extreme, unique cases
  • Manners – greeting behaviors, leash behaviors, jumping, digging, barking, etc.
  • Puppy training – starting off on the right paw, including behavioral and relationship development
  • Multi-dog households with any of the above issues, or just general out-of-control behavior!

The reason in-home dog training is the best format for behavior change is because it allows us to address the two most influential factors on a dog’s behavior: the relationship between dog and handler (re: owner!), and the dog’s lifestyle in its home environment.

Developing a Bond of Trust and Respect

Through our years of experience, we’ve learned that the relationship between dog and owner is the KEY to lasting behavior change!

This is why we spend time coaching the dog’s family while we’re rehabilitating the dog. We’ll teach you how to communicate with your dog in a way that’s both fair and clear, and how to handle your dog in any situation.

You’ll also learn how to develop a bond of mutual trust and respect between you and your canine companion. This way, even if you’re in a high stakes situation, your dog understands that he should respond to your guidance in that moment. Again, this relationship is what makes long-term success possible! The dog trainer eventually leaves, so our goal is to teach you how to assume that role once we’re out of the picture.

Is My “Bad Dog” Trainable?!

If your dog is experiencing behavior problems, you may be under some pressure to rehome your dog, or worse. Please know that we CAN help! Every day we successfully rehabilitate dogs who have been deemed “beyond help” by other dog professionals, and many of the dogs we work with have even been through various types of training with other dog trainers. Our passion is to help family dogs remain in their forever homes safely and happily – we take this very seriously! 

The First Step: An In-Home Behavior Consultation

We begin all in-home dog training programs with a two-hour consultation in your home. We’ll meet and evaluate your dog(s) and talk with you at length about your dog’s behavioral history, lifestyle, and your training goals. Then, we’ll share with you exactly why your dog is experiencing behavior problems, and exactly what we’ll have to do to resolve them.

Once we decide to work together, we’ll commit to working with you for as long as it takes! We aim to be the very last dog trainer you ever have to hire, and we’ll provide any long-term support necessary to keep your dog moving in the right direction.

If you’re ready to resolve your dog’s behavior problems, or take your dog to the next level, please give us a call at 513.342.0458, or e-mail us via our contact page. We can’t wait to meet you!