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Dog behavior CAN change! Below are a few recent stories from our clients about how we’ve helped them overcome their dog’s behavior problems. We would love to add you to this page!

“We had our baby boy on December 31st and Saxon has been absolutely amazing with him! Not only is he in love with his baby brother, but has been so happy and content when we have visitors and strangers (To him) in our home. We seriously can not thank you enough for all your help. He is the best dog, and we couldn’t be more happy!”

-Emily S.

“Chase and I are in disbelief of the massive improvement we’ve seen in Biffy! We thought it would take at least three months to see even half the amount of improvement we’ve seen in less than 48 hours!”

Biffy was ALMOST put on Prozac due to his anxiety issues, but after lesson one it’s clear no medication is needed 😀 Wohooo!

“Hi Cheryl! I have to tell you… I just had 3 moms over, a set of twin babies, a toddler and another new born plus my little guy.  Louie was such a good dog! I took him to meet each guest as they arrived and then he would go right back and stay in his bed, not making a sound for the whole visit! A year ago I would have never had this many people over. It was so nice to be able to visit and have good conversations with my guests and not have a furry dog jumping on me or barking at me! I just can’t thank you enough for all your help training Louie!”
-Sarah N. 

“Hi Cheryl! It’s Emily, Saxons mom. I had to share this. We had a wonderful walk this morning. He did so well and I think he knows it and is smiling for me in this picture I took right after. Thank you so much for all your help so far! We couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve all made!”

-Emily S.

“Cheryl did an amazing job training my dog. He was only about 12 weeks when she started with him and he has progressed tremendously! She made sure he met all the goals we talked about. I highly recommend her!”

-Desirae P.

“We really appreciated all of Cheryl’s help with training our German Shepherd Sasha! Being a first time dog owner I wanted to make sure I was setting my dog up for success and she helped me do that. We also really enjoyed going through the good citizen class!”

-Taylor B.


“After several professional opinions, I concluded that there was no hope for my aggressive dog. He would need a shock collar, drugs, and ongoing obedience training with no guarantee that anything would work well. He was neutered last week as my last-ditch effort to calm him down and so far the aggression has escalated. When Sheryl called, I was skeptical that anyone could offer us real help. But she asked questions the others didn’t and, based on my answers, she is confident she can help. We’ve not yet started, because we spoke only yesterday. But she gave me hope that I’d left behind months ago. I was preparing to return him to the breeder, but now I’ll see what she has to offer. I’m looking forward to working with her.”

“We have two puppies. The oldest puppy has a problem with guarding. It had gotten so bad that we feared for the safety of our youngest puppy. Wish we had contacted this trainer earlier as she has made a huge difference. Our older puppy has improved dramatically. He is a much happier puppy now than he was before we started the training. We could not have achieved this remarkable progress without this training. Would highly recommend this trainer to anyone, but especially to an owner with a dog has guarding problems.”

“Results you can see after the first lesson! Very knowledgeable: tells you the why, not just the how.”

“Explanation of training method was excellent Was provided many tools to work with dog to improve behavior Able to take dog on enjoyable walks. Behavior at home has improved. Dog enjoyed the training and interactions. The owner/family needs to use the tools to reinforce. Thanks for the help!”

“Cheryl made it possible for me to set clear goals with my dog, practice with her and then independently and also continue to work out any challenges and share ideas… She makes the training work with you and your dog!”

“Cheryl has shown us new techniques to training our strong minded Catahoula. He has been responding in a very positive way and I am grateful for that. I will definitely have Cheryl as my trainer for the fur baby we adopt.”

– Stephanie H.

“The approach of the trainer, reward instead of punishment, differed drastically from prior training regimes which I attended.   My eleven year old son accompanied me.  We both found the training logical and easy to comprehend.  For lack of a better description, the ‘psychology’ of how to motivate our dog was clearly explained and demonstrated.  I left each lesson feeling confident my son and I understood the methodology behind incentivizing our dog to perform the demonstrated command.   Each lesson and command understandably proceeded to next week’s lesson. ” (click here to read the full review)

– Joseph P.


“Merry Christmas! Thank you for the gift of helping me train my dogs!! For the first time ever, Lucy went over the fence this morning and when I went out to call her in, not knowing she was outside the yard, I called to her louder and did my whistle. A few seconds later, my eye catches a stealthy white figure running and leaping through the brown woods! She came right to the fence and sat, alert and waiting for her next command. 😄. She’s a total goofball!!! I went around to the front of the house and called her to come again since she didn’t seem to realize she could jump back over the fence. She came and heeled all the way to the door and sat at the doorway and went inside with me. 😏”



Sammy was rescued from someone who had him tied to a tree for most of his short life. When he came to live with the Cavanaugh’s, he was scared of everything and started to show some aggression. After working with him for only a month, he no longer shows aggression and is settling in to his new forever home. Here he is relaxing at his place, no longer retreating to his crate for safety. Mike and Barb sent  his pic and the following:

“Cheryl here’s Sammy relaxed in his place! I still can’t believe how great this works! It’s amazing! Thanks again for all you’ve done. We never thought in just a month he could have come from afraid and aggressive to calm and relaxed around strange people! Once again have a Merry Christmas!!”


“You’re training has paid off. I was able to introduce him to my friends here (as you saw in the photo) and I can’t imagine how that would have went without you. Actually I can imagine, not good! Now every time I have someone coming over I take him out and meet them on the street where they have treats and we go for a short walk. I’ve learned that coming back into the house it’s important to have them go in ahead of me and hold the door for Buddy to follow them in. Works perfectly every time!”

– Candance P.



We save dogs lives here at Raise the Bar!



“Cheryl is extremely attentive to both of my dogs individual needs. In three short weeks they have made outstanding strides. She is always accessible. She is exceptionally knowledgeable. In addition, she is kind, patient and caring and sets you and your beloved dogs up for success.”

– Kristina P.

“We are so thrilled with how far Ringo has come!!! He was such a fun puppy, then such a menace teenager, and now such a rockstar adult! Cheryl knew exactly how to teach US, and now Ringo listens to us no matter what’s going on. We now joke that he is the down/stay champion of the world… seems silly, but for the dog who couldn’t sit still for five seconds this is incredible! Cheryl, thank you for helping us get Ringo under control! We are so happy with our results and we recommend you to everyone!”

– The Jones Family & Ringo 



“Jenn, Tilly and I wanted to thank you again for the great class! Not only did it help Tilly, but it helped the both of us as well. We really enjoyed it and it was great to know how much you care about the dogs, in my opinion you even go above and beyond by doing the in home consults as well! Thank you again, and I am sure we will see you again!”

-Jeff, Jenn and Tilly


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