Why We Always Work With Our Local Veterinarians 

As a dog trainer here in the Cincinnati area, I make it a point to connect and familiarize myself with the local dog community, especially with the veterinarians here. Even when it comes to a dog’s behavior and obedience training, the dog’s veterinarian is an important person in their lives and should also know what is happening.

I like knowing my vet community because sometimes I get people who just adopted a puppy and they don’t know where to take them for their shots and a check up. I can point them to a respectable doctor that is close by and/or offers services that meets certain budgets. I also like knowing my vet community because if we share clients, we can keep each other up-to-date on the both the dog’s medical and behavioral health.

Cincinnati Dog Trainer BlogBehavior can play a big role in the dog’s overall well-being. For instance, when I first started training I had a client whose dog was BANNED from their vet, due to his uncontrollable aggression. The dog had bitten vet techs and they always struggled to put a muzzle on the dog whenever the vet came in for the full exam. This client knew that this behavior had to stop, otherwise next time the dog was sick, he was out of luck!

Veterinarians and trainers have very similar goals; the approach is just different – a vet does medical check ups and will address any biological issues with the dog, and that can include dental health and also mental health. But when it comes to behavior, most vets can only just prescribe medication or recommend a behavior trainer. As a trainer, I want to address behavior issues that can affect the dog’s general health (and sometimes this can be a vice versa case, where a medical issue might contribute to some poor behaviors).

Veterinarians and trainers want to improve the quality and extend the life of dogs as much as they can. In a way, it’s a team effort, and I personally have found myself working closely with vets over certain client cases. The more information between veterinarian and trainer is shared, the more clear the big picture will be, and the problems that the dog is suffering from can be resolved!

It’s not just about referrals, or getting special discounts at the vet or with training: knowing our vet community is a step to bettering our dogs lives. With a good vet to tackle any medical issues, and a committed trainer to combat the behavioral issues, your dog will be set for behavioral balance and also a lifetime of good health and happiness!

If you have any questions about dog training, call 800-649-7297 or write us at training@raisethebardogtraining.com. If you are a vet or a vet tech interested in learning more about my training, contact me and I would be thrilled to host a lunch and learn at your clinic for you and your entire staff!