Causes for Aggression

Causes for Aggression There are several causes of canine aggression and several ways to deal with canine aggression (that do not involve surrendering or euthanizing your pet). Some people don’t have a lot of faith in training to solve aggression because they assume that type of behavior is simply a part of the dog’s personality. … Continued

Housebreaking Is Easy to Accomplish!

Housebreaking Is Easy to Accomplish!  When brought into a new home, one of the first things a puppy/dog owner wants their new furry friend to learn is how to use the bathroom outside. A dog that is not housebroken is one of the most frustrating things for an owner. Luckily, house training is not that … Continued

Give Older Dogs A Chance At Behavioral Success!

Give Older Dogs A Chance At Behavioral Success!  Here in Cincinnati, my professional dog training has no boundaries. I will not turn away any breed, even the ones that are normally deemed as “aggressive”. I will not walk away from ANY behavioral issues, mild or severe. I believe as long as it is a behavioral … Continued

Group Obedience Classes: Bringing In Results and Practicality!

Group Obedience Classes: Bringing In Results and Practicality!  Here in Cincinnati, I take great pride in being a professional in-home dog trainer. Still, professionally and personally, I never want to limit myself. With my training career, I have seen and achieved the great results and benefits from private in-home dog training, as it offers individual … Continued

Where Does Food Aggression Come From?

Where Does Food Aggression Come From?  As a professional dog trainer here in the Cincinnati area, I have had a slew of clients who have called me asking for help with their dog’s food aggression. With many of these cases, the dog is an absolute dream – completely house trained, understands their basic commands, demonstrates … Continued

What Aggression Is Really About

What Aggression Is Really About Many owners easily recognize fear aggression in their dog. They realize that their dog is lashing out only because something has made him or her afraid–a person, a noise, another animal, a quick movement, etc. Oftentimes, owners may think that if they take away this fear-inducing stimulus, it will solve … Continued

Scout – Puppy Training Case Study

Scout – Puppy Training Case Study  When a puppy is brought into this world, the best thing we as dog lovers and owners can do is give it a safe, loving home. The second best thing we can do for them is training these puppies so that they might discover a life of obedience and … Continued

Branson: Hyperactive Dog Case Study

Branson: Hyperactive Dog Case Study Hyperactive dogs can be overwhelming. They may pull on the leash, jump on guests, bark, knock things over, and make you want to rip your hair out. Some dogs with these behavior issues are surrendered to a shelter, rehomed, or placed outside because owners don’t realize that there is, in … Continued

Boundaries: Your Dog Needs Them!

Boundaries: Your Dog Needs Them! The sooner you recognize a problem in your dog’s behavior and take action, the better. This is especially true of canine aggression. Occasional growling can easily escalate into snapping teeth, which could escalate into an attack. I had the opportunity to work with a dog named Mila, who had begun … Continued

Setting the Foundation: More than Basic Obedience!

Setting the Foundation: More than Basic Obedience! Basic obedience training sets the foundation for all other behavior modification. It’s more involved than just teaching a dog sit, down, stay, come, and heel; it teaches the dog to focus on the owner rather than on the distractions around them. An owner who has ensured their dog … Continued