Dogs and Cats Getting Along

Dogs and cats are known as two animals that are, by nature, supposed to rival each other. It’s such a silly notion, as I have seen plenty of dogs and cats get along, even within the same house and family! It’s understandable that dogs and cats might not pair well because they both have such different personalities – cats are loving, but very independent, whereas dogs are loving, loyal, and more dependent on their people and the attention they give.

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They CAN get along!

The relationship with dogs and cats might not be even close to a BFF (best friends forever) connection, but we as pet parents should do our best to promote positive interactions and experiences with our dogs and cats. Animals have a way of communicating their boundaries with others, and normally, these social cues will be picked up and for the most part, respected. But if your dog decides that chasing and tormenting the cat all day is fair game, or even snapping or attacking the cat is acceptable, then we need to really step in and address this behavioral problem.

If boundaries have been set, and your dog is still choosing to cross them, then it is time to refresh the dog on how to respect boundaries in general. If your dog was breaking a boundary with you, you as the owner and human would want to address it. If your dog decided he was going to chase you around the house or constantly bite you, you wouldn’t just take it! Neither should your cat, or anyone else!

Even dogs that have a high prey drive can learn to behave around their feline counterparts. Cat reactivity and aggression can be trained, as it is simply about regrouping the dog and having he/she remember that YOU as the owner are pack leader. You as the pack leader do not want any commotion between the dog and cat, and the dog must follow this command and lead. Sometimes it’s just getting back to the basic obedience stuff that helps a dog remember what it means to respect boundaries. Promote positive behaviors for your dog with your cat, but also be sure to correct any so that he/she understands that this is just not an option in your home!

Dogs and cats don’t have to be sworn enemies…and that includes yours! If your dog’s prey drive or unruly behavior is negatively impacting your cat’s life (and most likely yours because of this), then call 800-639-7297 and we’ll set up a plan of success that will lead to a happy coexistence between your dog and cat!