Dog Training Is Also Owner Training! 

In dog training, you might need a few different tools for your dog to reach behavioral balance and success. Depending on what approach you take with your professional trainer, you might need to buy a ton of training treats. Perhaps you’ll need a certain training collar or a “halti” — things like a choke chain, a Gentle Leader, a harness, an e-collar, etc. Leashes are important too…it’s most likely you will need a specific leash of certain material and length (probably NOT a retractable). There might be several things you’ll need to buy at your pet store to fully equip your dog for training.

However, the most important training tool is actually something you can’t buy at a shop. The best and most crucial training tool is actually YOU, the owner!

Raise the Bar Dog Training Cincinnati trains dogs AND their owners!All of my Cincinnati dog training programs are about setting the dog up for success and teaching them lifelong skills and behaviors that benefit them and their family. Along with handling and working with the dogs, I also work with and train the people too. While my job title is “Cincinnati Dog Trainer”, in many ways, I am more of a people trainer!

For the sake of the dog, it is imperative that their owners are committed and willing to learn and be part of the dog training itself. While I can work one-on-one with a dog and make them into well-behaved little angels, it doesn’t matter that much when the owner cannot do it themselves. It sounds easier to pass the work onto the trainer, which I don’t mind doing, but what if it’s just a total waste of time? What if the training your dog learns from the trainer, doesn’t transfer over once they come back home and you’re in charge again? This CAN happen due to owners not fully understanding how to maintain the training afterward. Then they’re back at square one with an unruly dog and less money in their bank account.

When I work with dogs, I work with their people — I show people how to communicate and build a healthy relationship with their canine companion. I show people leash handling, verbal commands and timing, how to reward appropriately, and how to set boundaries. I guide these owners on how to be consistent and to STAY consistent until their dogs fully learn and adopt the better, alternative behaviors as their general behaviors. This not only brings success, but LIFETIME results!

My in-home training is a great way to set you and your dog up for success. We start where you and your dog are most comfortable in, work at your pace, and continue working until the job is done! But for those owners who do not expect to put time, effort and commitment into their dog’s progress, then I kindly ask that you move on elsewhere. I am here to help any dog and any owner, but the behavioral growth and success also depends on the owner!

If you are a committed owner and are ready to get your dog into some reward-based training where both you and your dog can learn to succeed, call me at 800-649-7297 to schedule an initial in-home consultation!