All Dogs Can Be Trained, No Matter What Breed or Behavioral Problem

Many of the clients I work with admit to me that they’re exploring or seeking dog training because they’re on the verge of surrendering their dog. The two most common behavioral issues that seem to push owners over the edge are aggression and housebreaking.

Raise the Bar's Cincinnati Dog Training programs for ALL dogs!Aggression is, for obvious reasons, a very serious problem. A dog that could bite a stranger, family members, or even its owner causes quite a bit of fear and stress for its owner. It’s a danger and a liability, and it’s also usually emotionally painful for an owner to see a dog they love be viewed with such fear by others. It can become troublesome and distressing to take the dog for a walk, have friends or family over, or have your dog around other dogs. In many cases, the problem is so severe and has such an impact on the owner’s quality of life that keeping the dog seems impossible. Many aggressive dogs are surrendered to a shelter or, even worse, put down.

Compared to aggression, housebreaking might seem superficial. However, a dog that routinely messes in the house can be a tremendous source of pain and stress on an owner. A dog that isn’t fully housebroken inevitably ruins floors, carpets, and furniture, and leaves a home less than pleasant. They can be a source of embarrassment when people come over, a health hazard if you have young children, and are often a significant cause of strife between couples and families. It may seem like it’s a matter of choosing between your dog and a high quality of life! It’s an impossibly difficult decision for any dog lover to face.

But no dog is hopeless! My in-home dog training program can turn even the most badly-behaved dog into an obedient, lifelong companion. There is no breed or behavioral issue that is beyond trainable! I’m proud to be the last trainer my clients ever hire and to successfully work with dogs that other trainers have given up on.

If you’re worried that your dog is beyond help or considering surrendering your dog, give me a call at 800.649.7297 or contact me via our contact form. I’ll create a fully customized training plan that will put you and your dog on the path to lifelong success!