Solving Hyperactive Behaviors

Solving Hyperactive Behaviors Hyperactivity is one of the most common behavioral issues trainers see in their clients’ dogs, just ask our fellow dog trainer in Portland. For owners, it can be embarrassing, exhausting, and frustrating – it feels like you can throw the ball a thousand times and your dog is still bouncing off the … Continued

Fearful Dogs – Can They Be Trained?

Fearful Dogs – Can They Be Trained?  When a dog is fearful in any way (going either flight tor fight mode), it can be tricky approaching and tackling this behavior issue. While working with a dog trainer in Raleigh, we talked about how many owners don’t try much when dealing with fear, because they are … Continued

Dogs Need Both Mental and Physical Stimulation

 Dogs Need Both Mental and Physical Stimulation   All owners know that dogs need walks, but do you also keep up on your dog’s mental stimulation? It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking, “they’re a pet – they’ll amuse themselves,” but this isn’t the case. Your dog needs exercise every day as well as … Continued

Why Working Dogs Need A Job

Why Working Dogs Need A Job Bloodhounds, Labrador Retrievers, and German Shepherds are some most popular dog breeds for working dogs. Unlike an ordinary family pet, a working dog is a dog that is bred specifically to learn and perform tasks. These tasks may include but are not limited to guarding property, herding livestock or … Continued

Handling Leash Aggression

Handling Leash Aggression  Ever notice your dog act completely different once you put on a leash on them? Does your normally docile and happy dog become more guarded and aggressive once they’re on a leash and see other people or dogs? If so, it is likely that your dog might be experiencing leash aggression, which … Continued

All Dogs Can Be Trained, No Matter What Breed or Behavioral Problem

All Dogs Can Be Trained, No Matter What Breed or Behavioral Problem Many of the clients I work with admit to me that they’re exploring or seeking dog training because they’re on the verge of surrendering their dog. The two most common behavioral issues that seem to push owners over the edge are aggression and … Continued

Training Early is Crucial

Training Early is Crucial  Raise the Bar Dog Training believes that training should start early, but this isn’t just in the case of puppy training. We believe that it’s important to start training early in all cases: early on when a dog is a puppy, early on when a dog begins living in a new … Continued

Dog Training Is Also Owner Training!

Dog Training Is Also Owner Training!  In dog training, you might need a few different tools for your dog to reach behavioral balance and success. Depending on what approach you take with your professional trainer, you might need to buy a ton of training treats. Perhaps you’ll need a certain training collar or a “halti” … Continued

Dogs and Cats Getting Along

Dogs and Cats Getting Along Dogs and cats are known as two animals that are, by nature, supposed to rival each other. It’s such a silly notion, as I have seen plenty of dogs and cats get along, even within the same house and family! It’s understandable that dogs and cats might not pair well … Continued

Why We Always Work With Our Local Veterinarians

Why We Always Work With Our Local Veterinarians  As a dog trainer here in the Cincinnati area, I make it a point to connect and familiarize myself with the local dog community, especially with the veterinarians here. Even when it comes to a dog’s behavior and obedience training, the dog’s veterinarian is an important person … Continued